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Jennifer Matthewson is writer and entrepreneur originally from the Midwest. She is the founder and editor of Daily Blender, author of “Career Diary of a Caterer”, and a contributor to Delta Sky, The Writer, Northwest Palate, Matador Review, BBC Travel, Cision, Viator, and BootsNAll, among others.

After graduating from Western Michigan University in the late 90s, Jennifer moved to the Pacific Northwest, honing her professional skills at a handful of dot coms in Seattle before settling into Stumptown (Portland).

In the early 2000s, she and her then-partner opened an award-winning organic catering business in Portland – Zen Kitchen Catering – focusing on building relationships with local farmers and purveyors and adhering to sustainable business practices. During the company’s five-year run, she penned “Career Diary of a Caterer”, detailing her day-to-day experiences.

In 2008, Jennifer began writing for an international blog network, launching Daily Blender, a digital publication delivering food & beverage news, high-profile event coverage, and features from behind the restaurant line. Taking ownership in 2009, readership grew by 300%, with readers and fans including top names in food, drink, and media. A decade later, Daily Blender has evolved to include profiles of favorites in film, books, and music, in addition to travel essays and food & beverage spotlights.

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