IAMDYNAMITE, Chris Martin, Roseland Theater, Portland, Oregon Credit: Jennifer Matthewson [MATTHEWSON.COM]

When the band rolls into town, they arrive late at night, driving straight through from the last gig, appearing wearily on my doorstep with heavy luggage and soft pillowcases in hand. They are exhausted and plagued by coughs and aches developed only after weeks on the road. Dirty laundry is loaded into the middle of my hardwood floor before being piled into the washer, and within moments, each member of the four-man crew – the merch guy, the sound guy, two rockstars – is either gnawing away at the pile of food I’ve gathered for their arrival or making a spot on the floor comfortable enough for a long-needed, proper rest.

My little brother, guitarist and lead singer, towering over me at six foot, offers a warm hug and a thanks for a place to stay as the others head in their opposite directions. He is fatigued, but content. It has its ups and downs, but this is the life he has worked so hard to create. A musician is the only thing he’s ever wanted to be.

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Published on Daily Blender, January 2013

*Images: Jennifer Matthewson / Daily Blender