Work With Me

As an entrepreneur and career marketing professional, business is Jennifer’s jam – growing from the ground up, pushing through evolution, building new adventures. Over the last twenty years, she’s worked on a myriad of communications projects, from marketing strategy to SEO. Corporate profiles, sponsored content, blog posts, and social media messaging all require witty words and an understanding of strategy, audience, and analytics.

Strategic services available:

  • Content Writing and Editing (specializing in food, beverage, and hospitality)
  • Editorial Planning and Management
  • Photography
  • Social Media Planning and Content Development
  • Partnerships/Business Development
  • Marketing Analysis and Planning
  • Brand Development and Management
  • SEO/UI/UX Analysis
  • Creative Design


Design and Social Portfolio:
Jennifer Matthewson

Content Projects:
From Cooking to Cleaning, Live Life like a Bosch (Blog post, 2019)
Peter McCarthy: Building on the Foundations of Food (Profile, 2018)
Talking B Corp with Filmmaker Pete Williams (Blog post, 2017)
Why Your Press Release Was DOA (Thought leadership editorial, 2014)
A Taste of Mexico City (Blog post, 2014)
Virtually Venture through Vienna (Blog post, 2013)
The Taste of Dom Perignon Vintage 2004 (Blog post, 2013)


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